Welcome to The Feminist Kitchen!

I’m Addie Broyles, and I’ve been a food writer, blogger, podcaster and mom for more than a decade. In 2010, I started The Feminist Kitchen, where I wrote about love and loss, old quilts, travel and birthday cake.

I’ve moved the blog to Substack so I can continue to share stories about parenthood, grief, ancestry, self healing and creativity through a paid weekly newsletter.

By supporting The Feminist Kitchen with a paid subscription, you’ll get fresh content each week. I’ll be penning new essays, columns and stories. To give you an idea of my work, check out this post about Diana Nyad’s incredible swim in 2013 or my love letter to Tami Taylor, the feminist heroine of “Friday Night Lights,” and how learning how to play the ukulele was one of the best decisions I’ve made as an adult.

For fun and for free

After 15 years at the Statesman, I’ve left my journalism job to pursue full-time freelancing, consulting and tarot card readings/classes.

Writing The Feminist Kitchen is something I’ve loved so much that I’ve done for free, but I knew I couldn’t dedicate more time to it without using a paid model. At $6 a month, I hope you’ll consider supporting me so I can continue to bring this kind of content into the world over the long haul.

I am also committing to donating 10% of my Substack income to a BIPOC-led non-profit, starting with DAWA Fund, an Austin-based nonprofit that is a safety net for people of color who are experiencing short term life crisis.

Join the crew

This is your chance to be part of The Feminist Kitchen community! Maybe we’ll revive that book club we started way back when. Or host a virtual movie series. I want to hear your stories about the intersection of history, family and personal discovery. Use #thefeministkitchen on Instagram to connect with other modern-day storytellers and meaning-makers.