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I really liked that show. It didn’t reflect my high school experience at all but I still liked it. Thanks got reminding me about it. :-)

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Addie this may be my favorite article yet. I graduated high school 1965. Corpus Christi WBRay was largest graduating class in TX that year- 976 students (including Farrah Fawcett.) I dated a good looking and actually good guy football player, wore his jacket, but never learned to pay attention room to the actual sport. The social world of Friday night lights was a bit wilder than mine - yet I was very active in the church and the tensions I felt between spiritual highs and sexual desires were uncomfortably familiar when Lila in the show was dating the young preacher boy. Whew! Currently I’m watching this show with my handsome grandson who is 14 and too cute to believe! Every Thursday I pick him up after school or track or basketball practice and after getting a snack - we tune in (2nd season now) to Friday night lights and watch a couple before we eat and I take him home. I remember watching it with my husband when it first came out! Great then - even more fun now. Though awkward moments when I’m still identifying with the teenagers instead of the parents. Not to speak of now trying Not to identify with the grandmother with dementia!!! Thx for writing so realistically from your heart! AND it’s Good to know you don’t have to be a native Texan to relive high school with these characters!

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