Peaches, farmers market changes and bulk breakfast sandwiches

Yep, it's summer.

Peaches, cherries, watermelons.

It’s certainly summertime, according to my grocery haul.

My heart goes out to the Pacific Northwest, home of many stone fruit growers, who are facing unprecedented heat this week. Texas farmers are enjoying a decent summer harvest, a small reward for persevering after that winter storm to get the next round of crops in the ground.

You’ll find many of them at local farmers markets, which are now back to pre-pandemic levels of customers and booths. The Texas Farmers Market at Mueller moved to its permanent new home over the weekend: Pavilion at Branch Park at the northeast corner of Philomena and Aldrich streets. This is on the other end of the Mueller development, FYI, so plan your trip accordingly.

The Sustainable Food Center’s Sunset Valley farmers market is also back in its pre-COVID-19 vaccination site home along the Bob Horrigan Trail near Toney Burger Center.

Summer can be a tough time for farmers, especially when the weather gets really hot, so get there early, drop some of your grocery budget with these local business owners and feel those date night sparkles when you look in your fridge all week long.

I’m finishing my first veggie share with VRDNT. This week’s bag included potatoes, chives, peppers, a beauty of an heirloom tomato and a small acorn squash to remind me that summer doesn’t last forever.

One of my very favorite summer rituals is enjoying peaches from the annual Northwest Austin Kiwanis Club sale.

Every June for 13 years straight, I heard from Bud Baughman, the Kiwanis peach guy, who, without fail, reached out with info about the details of the peach sale, which typically brings in thousands of dollars for local charities.

The Kiwanis are a group with aging members who continue to meet regularly and do what they can to support the community.

As a food writer, I always tried to spread out coverage for all the non-profits and do-good efforts around Austin, but I secretly always favored these guys.

They were passionate about selling these peaches, and I loved helping them every chance I could.

And so here I am, in my post-Statesman life, still telling you about the peaches.

They are usually the best peaches I have all year. They are hoping to sell 900 boxes.

Buy a box, won’t you?

This year’s box costs $49 for a 20 pound box. The deadline to order this year’s July peaches is June 30. You can sign up through the website ( or or by emailing

Pick-up is July 10 at the Anderson High School parking lot.

Also on the menu right now are these bulk breakfast sandwiches I’ve been making for the boys. I saw a video about them on Tik Tok, the genius tip being to bake the whisked eggs in a shallow sheet pan at 350 degrees for 5-7 minutes. Wrap each sandwich in plastic wrap and aluminum foil so they are well protected in the freezer.

Take off the wraps, heat in the microwave, and my kids are happy for those in-between meals they are so hungry for right now.

I hope this email finds you well! I’m loving this new Substack-podcasting-tarot teaching job I’ve created for myself.

As always, I’m so grateful for the Feminist Kitchen newsletter supporters, tarot and consulting clients and podcast sponsors who have put their faith in me this summer. Almost one month out from my last day at the Statesman, things are going well and I’m excited about what the next few months have in store.

Oh, before I go: This month’s Substack donation, which I make every month with a portion of the proceeds from this newsletter, is going to Rooted in Melanin, a new(ish) food justice non-profit organization that supports Austin-area BIPOC (Black, Indigenous, and People of Color) folks “with the resources, tools, and community necessary to build healthier, more sustainable lives.”

Thank you for your support!


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