Royal silliness and cheese pizza

Tarot readings, reflexology and other ways we're taking care of ourselves this week.

It’s Thursday. Here are 7 things that have been giving me magic:

This YouTube video of James Corden and Prince Harry. I spent 17:03 of my day on Tuesday watching this video of Corden driving Harry around Los Angeles and had a good laugh. Royal silliness.

Reflexology. Frank lives close to MT Supermarket and the wonderful Chinatown shopping center, where there are several reflexology spas that I’ve been eyeing for, oh, 6 months. We’ve been in quarantine for a year, which means I haven’t had a massage in a year. But no longer, my friends. My life-changing foot-and-back massage earlier this week left me feeling like I’d run a 10K and cried for three hours. 5 stars.

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Tarot. Things are getting interesting in the tarot part of my life. I’m getting paid for readings. I’m giving free ones. I’m taking tarot into the everyday. I’m thinking about putting together tarot learning clubs and podcasts. I gave a fireside reading last week that was pure magic. It’s an interesting time to be a white woman learning witchy ways.

Pizza under the stars. Barr Mansion is hosting Wednesday pizza nights that are already quite popular. We checked it out last night, and it was lovely. The historic site-turned-wedding venue has a wood-fired pizza oven on site, and it churns out a lovely menu of pizzas, vegetables, freshly fried chips, wine and homemade marshmallows. It was the best people-watching we’d done all year.

Rainbow window covering. One of my earliest pandemic impulse purchases was a holographic vinyl decal that we stuck on Avery’s window. It creates the most beautiful rainbows in his room each afternoon when it’s sunny outside.

Chani Nicholas astrology app. Just get it. Cancel after 7 days if you’re not hooked, but come on. It’s so good.

Warm toast and butter. Frank’s hot water heater is still busted, but he’s had electricity, which is more than I can say for some farmers in Central Texas. No hot water, but we can make toast and hot coffee. We both make a regular no knead loaf bread, but sometimes he throws in little swirls of cinnamon and pecans. Taking a moment to enjoy fresh toast and that silly video of my favorite member of the royal family was just what I needed to get through my week.