Feb 21, 2021Liked by Addie Broyles

Beautifully said, Addie. I'm a fellow Austinite (and was in your Feminist Book Club way back!) and have been saying to my husband, "I'm just so exhausted.... my body and mind feel so sore." We were among the lucky ones, we lost power for 4 days, water for 2, plenty of food to cook over gas burners and no broken/burst pipes. We helped out where we could, donating to shelters and helping neighbors but I think we all need to take a deep breath and be kind to ourselves for awhile. I think the collective exhaustion level is high right now and psyches are feeling fragile. Let's (virtually) hold hands in the thaw, relish the awe, and continue to help one another and feel that warm sun on our faces. xo

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