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Nov 2, 2021Liked by Addie Broyles

sitting here in Brooklyn I always enjoy reading your take on life. For me you represent a little of what is gone from the Austin I lived in, I read the Statesmen everyday for 32 years. I read it mostly for the columnists, they were Austin. You, Kitty, John Kelso, Ken Herman, Kirk Bohls. I never got over Ben Wear leaving. I don't hunt or fish but I enjoyed every column Mike Legget wrote and still writes off and on.

I read the New York Times every Day, have for 40 years. I read the times for the sections, Science on Tuesday and Food on Wednesday and so on. But My paper, the Austin American Statesman I read for the writers that wrote about where I lived. That is what I now miss. I am sure that is a lot of what people you talked to at the reunion miss also.

Keep it up I look forward to your columns.

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