Sitemap - 2022 - The Feminist Kitchen

'This is what satisfaction feels like'

All I want for Christmas is ‘generous authority’

From the archives: Friday Night Feminism

She measured their dresses with string

From the archives: When everything's changing, it's time to bake an apple cake

A night with Nigella: Talking grief, growth and gochujang with the Domestic Goddess

Treasuring the tension between what is and what could be

A tuba player walks into a bathhouse (and turns it into a brewery)

Changing my mind about historic Hot Springs

You wear your service well, Dani

Without "Julie & Julia," there would be no "Addie & Nigella"

Shreveport has its eyes on the Prize

Eat on, Lubbock

I'm not crying in H Mart, you're crying in H Mart

Shift happens

Propagating abundance at one of Austin's newest plant stands

Little food pantries redefine what it means to be a good neighbor

It was 50 years ago today...

Kickflipping into the Small Town Farm life

The changing face of rural Texas

But now there's only love in the dark

In my imagined nation...

Life is like a box of Goldfish

Household archaeology and the science of stuff

'I don’t want to go back to the butchery again'

Spending Juneteenth with the one and only George Washington Carver

Title IX and a tale of two tomboys

Moving is hell, but I'm in Buy Nothing heaven

Well, that was a surprise: Part 3, the ritual

Well, that was a surprise: Part 2, the ring

Well, that was a surprise: Part 1, the award

From the archives: Happy birthdays, sad birthdays and all the stories in between

Mom is a four letter word

A very old quilt sleeps in a lighthouse

It's a mall world after all: New ACC Highland campus opens this weekend

Jag är en kvinna

My cookbook date with Kitty

What happens when a lake vanishes?

SXFC: South by Fire Cider

A father's gift: Enduring curiosity

Time for a little herban renewal

Puddin’ Tane and Pumpkin Pie Cake: An ode to my Great Aunt Pud

'It's like painting with your food'

Billie Eilish and the art of radical care

From the archives: It's a quarantine, baby

Teenie Harris, ‘Silver Clouds’ and the inexplicable charm of Pittsburgh in February

From the archives: Learning to YOLO from an 8-year-old (who is now 15)

La Mexicana Bakery, Texas French Bread are closing, and you're devastated. That's OK.

With or without snow, Door County is a magical place to be

What an almost forgotten heirloom taught me about my Midwestern Swedish roots

The feedsack quilt my great-grandmother never finished (but I did)

From the archives: A sweet taste at the end of a bittersweet journey