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I’m Addie Broyles, and I’m a food writer, blogger, podcaster and mom.

The Feminist Kitchen is a weekly publication I write that started in 2010 as a blog about women and food and has evolved into something much more.

For 13 years, I wrote a newspaper column for the Austin American-Statesman called Relish Austin, where I wrote about recipes, farmers markets, food products and trends.

In 2021, I left the newspaper started publishing a weekly newsletter on Substack, where I use food (and art and travel and history) to look at life in new and interesting ways. (I’m also a dog walker, a media consultant and a tarot card practitioner. )

On the Feminist Kitchen, I write about love and loss, old quilts and getting older, traveling with my kids and visiting with my elders. And birthday cake.

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Weekly musings about food, kids, grief and ancestral healing from Addie Broyles.


Addie Broyles 

Food writer, podcaster, quilter, millennial mom, co-parent, future ancestor and happy camper. Founder of The Feminist Kitchen, est. 2010.