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Loved the 40s as you described and as I remember too… knowing even then it wasn’t old or a downhill slide to death but a crossing over the time of young adult experimentation into exploring wisdom land. Love my current birthday becoming 76.. mindfull all right but pleasant perspectives on much that puzzled me. Even shorter memory leaves space for wonder akin to very young children who arent bothering to compare themselves to previous thoughts or skills . It’s a new stage entirely with much less to prove - much more freedom in my ego and eagerness to explore - Now what? One moment at a time can be an adventure …again. Wisdom kicks in and kindness too.

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Believe it or not, I've seen Asteroid City twice already! Both times at Violet Crown. I am in the process of moving out of Texas and wow did I need this saturated (and at times not saturated) landscape and story about space, grief, knowledge, etc so badly. I just love it. Moonrise Kingdom also hit me at a pivotal time when it came out 11 years ago, the year I moved to Austin. Wow, what does this say about me lol. Thanks for another great issue Addie, I love my copy of Feminist Kitchen zine! - gracemarieatx (on insta)

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