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The top 10 Substack stories I wrote this year

The biggest Austin food stories of 2021

There's no secret to this Happiness Cake

Crying over coffee cake a long way from home

A wintertime transformation in Door County

Pass the pie, hold the food section

Part 3: I'm no Ted Lasso, but I can tie shoes

Part 2: She goes hard in the paint

Part 1: Same glove, new team

Confessions of a first-time poll worker

What happens at a newspaper family reunion?

Meet the Austin food bloggers behind 'Dining with the Dead'

Reverie Books is keeping the dream of South Austin alive and well

Saving expired seeds, old sponges

An afternoon with Judith and Julia

Check out my first Texas Monthly story since 2005

Meet the women who made me

Trust, transformative justice and JBG

The 2018 article that never ran.

What is ancestral healing?

Tarot hikes, #writergoals and a virtual book club

10 good eats to close out summer

The wonderful world of the Waterloo Greenway

Chicken of the woods season is coming up. Are you ready?

It’s the first day of high school

What do you remember about high school?

Turning rust into gold

Space flight, fresh vinyl and my very first trailer

New book chronicles ‘a leisurely waltz with eternity': the first untethered spacewalk

Birthday wishes and grandma kisses

Small town, big Pride

Peaches, farmers market changes and bulk breakfast sandwiches

Can we really leave no trace when we travel?

A foodie's guide to eating (and foraging and making chocolate) in Costa Rica

I don’t want to be a greedy traveler in Costa Rica

What's in a one-inch picture frame?

Saying goodbye with hot glue, scissors

7 magical things to watch on TV right now

Why on earth did I keep all those business cards?

33 things I won't camp without

Motherhood is not an island

The 40 percent Mother's Day tax

Why 'Don't Fear the Death Card'? 

7 magical podcasts: These shows will make you rethink race, parenting, business

7 magical verbs: Making our own way with words

Two, two chords: Meeting my musical muse

7 magical things, Big Bend edition

7 magical things: Larger-than-life art, crawfish mac and dancing in the dandelions

Why am I crying over dead palm trees?

Royal silliness and cheese pizza

Say 'yes' to the messy middle

The awe and the thaw

It's a quarantine, baby

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